Regular barbells are ideal for glute isolation exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Made of non-weight bearing materials, it is perfect for women with weaker joints, who want to build bigger butts

Barbells are not just for men anymore. The secret to getting a bigger, firmer derrière is by using the right equipment. Let me introduce you to: The barbell!

The barbell is the most effective tool in building a strong, rounded derrière. That said, our goal was to produce the longest and widest range of motion at the largest arc that our bodies could handle safely. Longer bars provide more leverage than shorter ones, which allows for more weight and ultimately more muscular development. The biggest obstacle to a longer range of motion is usually pain on one side or another but with this bar it’s quite comfortable to exercise all muscle groups.

Ladies, it’s time to get jacked! You don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment. Just grab some weights and do these 10 exercises at home. In just one month you’ll see the results of increased muscle mass and strength, not to mention bigger, better-shaped glutes!

Get your butt in gear with these weekly workouts. No equipment required, just sit-ups, lunges and squats.

A barbell is a weight training device with straight, symmetrical handles. You lift it to increase strength and build muscle. This can be achieved by doing squats and dead lifts with different weights.

For a great glute workout and to grow your booty with the barbell, this is the exercise bar you will need. No matter if you are bent over on the grass or in a gym using weights, this exercise bar will save your life!